3 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in an AirPods Case Cover

AirPod Case Covers

Back in 2016 when AirPods were originally released, they were the mockery of the tech world. Small earbuds that are wireless?What seemed to be a recipe for disaster, shocked us all when the tables turned, that is, of course, after thousands of memes were already released. 

Due to AirPods being a product of Apple, they’re often referred to as a status symbol (similar to an iPhone or Apple Watch). However,  despite all of the memes and mockery; people found that AirPods actually come with incredible sound, great construction, convenience, and versatility.

As AirPods are also super compact and easy to store, AirPod cases along with other AirPod accessories have gone wild in the market right now! People everywhere are picking up great deals on brand spanking, modern headphones.

Despite all of the great things about AirPods, they also come with some underlying flaws - they’re very easy to lose or damage! In this day and age, we are all aware of the benefits of purchasing cases for our phones, mainly so we don’t end up with a broken screen and a broken heart. However, we tend to not focus so much on taking care of our small gadgets.

When it comes to choosing the right AirPod case, you have thousands of options! From luxurious portable charging cases that you can use to charge up your AirPods on the go, to empowering self-expression through awesome designs that embody your extraordinary personality; you’re truly spoilt for choice.

So whether you’re thinking of investing in a case because you want to avoid expensive mishaps, or because you just want to show off to your friends; coming up are 3 reasons why you should look at investing in an AirPod case.



1. AirPod Cases Help In Preventing Loss

As many have already established, AirPods are super easy to lose! These miniature gadgets come with a less-than-miniature price tag; so the fear of losing one can put you on constant edge and can be daunting. Now, this is not to say that just because you have a case doesn’t mean that you’re not at risk of losing them. However, if you were to invest in an AirPod case that comes with a key chain, it negates the risk in a big way.

Here at Abnormal Cases, we’ve got your back with our specifically designed AirPod cases that come with a keychain. All you have to do is attach it to your bag strap, belt loop, or keys. Even if you still do manage to misplace them, don’t panic! Apple has done something really amazing with its AirPods. They’ve given you the option to utilize the ‘Find My’ function so you’re able to track each one of them down, even if they’re in different places.


2. AirPod Cases Protect Against Clumsiness

This one is specifically for the clumsy people out there. Keeping in mind that you just paid a whole lot for your AirPods, AirPod accessories, and possibly your AirPod case; the last thing you need is for them both to become damaged or unusable due to accidents that could have easily been avoided.

While most cases out there do claim to have shock-resistant material, you’ll come to find out that most people will say anything for a sale! At Abnormal Cases, we’ve spent years manufacturing solutions that enable our cases, along with the AirPods. inside, to withstand drops from extensive heights. Thousands of our customers have seen this in the high-quality packaging and thick silicone layers we use to secure your tech.


3. AirPod Cases Allow You to Say Goodbye to Scratches

-And say hello to scratchless AirPods! Most of those who don’t own a case will probably just place their AirPods in their pockets or handbags. Whether you know it or not, AirPods are quite prone to scratches, due to them being made from hard plastic. The scratches can be really obvious to the detailed eye against your AirPods shiny white surface.


Invest in an eye capturing AirPod case today to avoid any unwanted scratches!


AirPod accessories allow people to be creative while at the same time, gives them added benefits that regular users just don’t have. There are many things you can invest in to enhance your listening experience; you just have to do your research and think outside the box.


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